Turquoise collar and leash set


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This amazing vegan leather collar and leash set comes in five different sizes to fit all pups. It is a comfortable and trendy, yet very durable piece that last you and that grows with your dog and is easy to clean. As all of our products this piece is sustainably sourced and hand crafted to the best quality in Budapest. We ship worldwide!


Our luxury dog leads and collars are very durable. Instead of using leather, we paired a nylon base with soft, polyurethane leather. This fabric is super flexible offering a comfortable fit. Our collars are non slip, easy to clean and adjustable to make sure it grows with your pup. Instead of stitching, we use extra strong belt snaps as it provides a lot stronger hold and will not rip or fray.

We stand for cruelty against animals. So when expanding our product range with dog leads and collars sets we knew we would only use vegan leather. Not only is vegan leather cruelty free, it is easy to clean and very durable. Not to mention it offers a killer look without any killing. If you’re still interested in why it’s important to keep up with ethical fashion, then here is a very exciting video for you!  Make sure you check out all of our sets from the collection and choose your favorite color. For more information on sizes, check under the sizes tab.

Cruelty free
We made sure to use cruelty free vegan leather in all of our accessories.
We designed all of our accessories with pets in mind, to ensure they are perfectly functional.
Easy to clean
You can hand wash our products using a mild detergent, then let them dry.
Strong webbing
The extra strong webbing makes for a strong hold, perfect for power pullers.
Vegan leather 100% PU, webbing 100% polyester, metal hardware
We handcraft all of our products to the highest quality in Budapest.
We made sure you can adjust both the lead and collar to fit your pup.
Belt snaps
Instead of stitching we use belt snaps for the perfect hold.

2 reviews for Turquoise collar and leash set

  1. jasmine

    Surprisingly good quality and the colors are just stunning! Would definitely recommend it!

  2. Layla Mueller

    Beautiful colors, great quality hardware and very easy to clean. I will be purchasing a matching coat for sure!

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Sizes Collar length Collar width Leash length Leash width
XS 20-27 cm 2 cm 145 cm 2 cm
S 27-35 cm 2 cm 145 cm 2 cm
M 35-44 cm 2 cm 145 cm 2 cm
L 44-53 cm 2 cm 145 cm 2 cm
XL 53-63 cm 2 cm 145 cm 2 cm

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