Natural pet products you must try

Natural pet products you must try

Going all natural with food and product consumption is quickly gaining popularity, as we put more and more emphasis on eco-friendly living. We change the way we travel, what we eat and how we shop. Naturally pet products are no exception from this. Therefore more and more pawrents are turning conscious with what they buy for their dog, and include natural pet products in their life. After all, why would they be an exception from living all natural? 

Catering to this demand there are new brands popping up, and some of them are little known. So we are here to help with a small list of natural pet products both you and your pup will love.

Dog Coat

Maintaining a healthy fur naturally starts on the inside. Foods such as salmon oil, liver, eggs etc can contribute to a healthy, shiny coat. Yet there is a miracle product that’s been discovered quite recently, even though it’s been around forever. Coconut oil is the product du jour and quite rightly so. It has a number of amazing health benefits, and it’s not only for human consumption. Thanks to its strong antibacterial properties it helps in preventing cancer. It is a useful help in maintaining a healthy fur, preventing excessive shedding and it helps fighting a number of skin problems. It can aid digestion and speed up metabolism. Use it externally on the skin or coat, or add a spoonful to your pup’s meal daily. Or recommendation is Ouebeck’s Q-Conut organic coconut oil.

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Dog shampoos have a huge effect on our pups lives. Many contain harsh chemicals or additives that make them itch or cause a number of allergies. What’s more these chemicals go straight back into our waters, so why not avoid it with swapping to natural pet products? One of our favorite is Dogtails Dog Shampoo. This product is free of harsh chemicals, contains great essential oils and is earth friendly. The aloe vera gel works wonders on dry coat while the rosemary oil and chamomile extract prompts a shiny fur.

Pest Control Products

I’m sure you have all tried a number of products and by now probably found your favorite. Flea and tick repellents however can be quite harmful, causing skin irritation in some dogs. Good news is that there is an all natural variation for you to try. Using natural oils to fight parasites is not new. I myself have been experimenting with quite a few drops and sprays, such as geranium, lavender and peppermint oils. These can be quite strong and irritating for some pups, but you can always mix your own and dilute these with base oils. If you don’t like to experiment much, then I suggest you go with Quebeck’s Quill. This is an all natural serum that helps keep away mosquitos, fleas and ticks. Use it daily before tracking, walks or simply after a swim.



Now this must be easy one might think. There has been a lot of debate recently regarding raw feeding and home cooked meals. I have to say I’m a big supporter of both. Raw feeding your pup and providing them with a varied diet does not only help prevent a number of health issues. It visibly brightens their mood and helps maintain a great mental balance. For more tips on raw feeding, amazing dog recipes or foods you should include in their meal, browse our top tips. As for the best natural treat my recommendation is to check All natural bullysticks’ website. They offer a wide variety of treats for all dogs. Anco’s natural treats offers a great selection of all kinds of goodies, including (how bizarre) dog cheese.

I hope this has helped to give you a few great ideas on how to go environmentally friendly with your dog. Always be sure to check with your vet before taking on a special diet! And finally don’t forget to leave us your thoughts or suggestion of what our next article should be!

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