Quebeck, the natural solution to your dog’s health

Quebeck, the natural solution to your dog’s health
We are passionate about responsible and sustainable pet parenting and we support those who are too. That’s how we came across one of the most amazing brands supplying all natural pet healthcare products as an alternative to traditional veterinary medicine. Natural products and an organic approach in pet health care are gaining popularity very fast. That’s why we would like to introduce you to this great company Quebeck, the natural solution to your dog’s health. We interviewed the founder and managing director, Daniel Filip and here are the key takeaways.
How did you come up with the brand and why the name Quebeck? 

I specialized in veterinary medicine at the university and it was the obvious choice to go and work in the indsutry. Medication based treatments are still the norm in veterinary care in Hungary. Everyday routine however quickly proved that we need a more organic approach to medical treatments. I quickly realized that natural pet healthcare is the way to go. That’s when the idea popped up to develop natural supplements for a clean and organic alternative to traditional pet medication.

The name Quebeck was a random choice that grew on us as we developed the brand. To me it’s associated with quality and a modern approach and it’s easily recognized worldwide. So much so that sometimes when we put through an order for our ingredients we receive delivery quotes for Canada.

What’s the biggest challenge you face in daily work?

Since we develop, manufacture and sell the products ourselves, it’s always a bit of a challenge to keep it all together. The main goal is to react to market demands while aligning to all legal requirements. There are a lot of regulations we need we comply with when preparing a new product, and often times this takes longer than developing the product itself. Our priority is to provide the best quality ingredients we possibly can to ensure customer satisfaction. This requires us to continuously monitor the market, find the best suppliers and ensure the best prices so our products stay competitive on an already saturated market.

How do you decide on your next product launch?

We make sure to factor in customer feedback and the needs of pet parents when launching or developing new products. If we repeatedly come across the same problem then we obviously react to it. That’s why we like to emphasize that all of our products are functional supplements that aim to solve a specific problem in the most effective way possible. We believe that natural pet healthcare is the way forward.

How do you develop your products and how do you choose your ingredients?

We always start with a health issue we come across often. Then we begin researching ingredients that help improve this issue. The next step is to select the most appropriate ones as we only work with the best quality ingredients. When selecting them we need to make sure they will be available in any given quantity to ensure a continuous supply. When all the sources are provided we cook up the recipe for the product. Then we prepare samples for laboratory testing and work out the wholesale manufacturing process. After the tests came back positive and we ruled out any unwanted component the next stage is to test live. Here, the main goal is to see how effectively and how fast does the supplement work to improve the problem it was intended for. When we get positive results then we can go on to marketing and promoting the product.

What are the most popular products and why?

Based on market research and customer feedback the most common health problems are joint problems, skin and fur problems and digestive issues. No surprise that our most popular products come from one of these categories.

Q-FLEX  is a complex supplement promoting joint health and flexibility. It contains green lipped muscle extract and it works as a strong anti-inflammatory reducing pain and promoting fast internal regeneration of joints. It is a must have for older dogs.

BARF-SKIN is a complex supplement that nurtures skin and hair and stimulates the metabolic processes of skin. It contains 80% essential fatty acids, and has a very high alpha- tocopherol (natural vitamin E), vitamin A and D content. The main ingredients are cold pressed argan oil, grapeseed and milk thissle oils from organic sources. 

NORMA-Q is one of our most popular products. It is an all natural supplement aiding digestion and maintaining the balance of normal intestinal ora. 

What exciting new products are you launching and what are your long term plans?

We have plenty of product ideas and would like to develop and extend all 4 product categories. The long term goal is to gain a leading role in natural pet healthcare on both the Hungarian and international markets, while providing the same high quality supplements and customer service.

I know you support animal shelters in Hungary…

We take the matter of responsible pet parenting very seriously and support shelters in the country. We collaborate with rescue organizations and support those who are passionate about animals. During our work we have encountered plenty of sad and heartwarming stories. Perhaps that’s how we ended up with six rescue pets at home. 

I’m sure that we’ll see much more of this amazing brand in the future, as they have plans to extend to international markets soon. If you ‘d like to find out more about them of their products visit their site at and please, don’t forget to leave your comments and questions below.

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