Introducing the Forever knot dog harness

Introducing the Forever knot dog harness

For a long while now I have been planning to add a dog harness to the collection. Most people find their dog is a lot more comfortable wearing them, rather than collars. Especially bully breeds, who naturally have breathing difficulties. So the time has come to introduce our amazing forever knot harness.

The dog harness

I choose to work with the Norwegian harness as inspiration, and rethink the way it’s designed. Traditionally this dog harness type is very popular due to the freedom of movement it provides. However, some argue the opposite, as the chest loop placement can restrict the dog’s front legs in moving naturally. This was the first problem we worked on and managed to find a placement thats comfortable and flexible.


As with all of the products a big concern was the finishing. I had to find a finish that is strong enough as well as easy on the eye. I’m a little bit OCD when it comes to proper finishings. That’s when I decided to add a knot to the harness to increase its durability and to finish it with a cool design element. A water knot, also known as a ring bend is frequently used in climbing to join two ends of webbing together. I thought it would be the perfect choice to finish the otherwise raw edge connected to the chest loop.

The design drills

To me great design equals quality and function. Most often than not, design is not what it looks like, it’s how it works. With this in mind the harness had to be easy to put on, comfortable, adjustable and easy to clean. Using belt snaps is the best option to me. Not only because it’s visually more pleasing but also because it’s more durable than stitching. Stitching can rip, frail or come loose easily when subjected to pulling or friction. However, belt snaps when added properly will provide the infinite hold.

Making sure the harness is adjustable, I added sliders around the chest. Due to the thickness of the fabric the slider doesn’t move or shift around. An extra strong layer of webbing provides the perfect base and durability.

The final fabric

If you follow us and know the brand you also know how we feel about using leather. In order to avoid subjecting animals to cruelty and torture, we refuse to work with genuine leather. Instead we choose vegan leather, which is a polyurethane based man made fabric. It comes in an incredible variety of colors and textures. It is strong and durable enough, but very easy to work with. We source all the fabrics locally to make sure we cut back on our carbon footprint. The colors are seasonal, and we add new varieties every now and then, so be sure to snap up yours while stocks last.

The outcome

Needless to say we are super proud of our new pieces. We made sure to add variety, so this amazing dog harness is going to be available in four different color combinations. Matching leads available for all of them to complete your pup’s look. These pieces are not only easy on the eye, but also durable, easy to clean and comfortable to wear. They will be available in seven sizes starting at Dachshund measurements, going up large dogs.

The launch date is 5th March, so be sure to check back to see all the beautiful variations. We kick off with a limited stock, so make sure you snap up your favorite now! Do you have any questions? Would you like to preorder yours now?

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