How to include your dog in the wedding?

How to include your dog in the wedding?

Organizing a wedding is time consuming, stressful and costly. Having to take care of the venue, catering and decoration is already a lot for most of us. Let alone having to include your dog in your special day. But don’t fret. We gathered up some of the best ideas to make sure your pooch is part of your celebration. And all without a hassle. Want to involve your dog in the wedding? Then read on for our expert tips.

The ring bearer

Having your dog as a ring bearer is a natural choice! There are many ways to do this, depending on how much time and effort you want to take into getting your dog ready for the big day. If your dog is well behaved and easy to train, then they can walk down the aisle by themselves. If they are not super reliable, then have them walk with someone. Either way be sure to find the perfect matching outfit. You can purchase collars with ring pillows attached online, or just do your own design. Whatever your choice, it will surely be a memorable moment.

Invitations and party favors

Since invitations and thank you notes are somewhat mandatory, a lot of couples opt to include their pooch in them. It is a real time and effort saving way to make sure they are part of your big day. Whether you opt for an illustrated invitation card or a photoshoot, you will not make a mistake. Giving out branded party favors gives you plenty of space to be creative. From customized cards to stickers with a sweet illustration of you and your pet, there are so many options. If you feel undecided, go and have a little browse around Etsy for the most creative ideas.

The wedding party

If you decide to include your pet in the big day, be sure to take some precautions. Rehearse their role, so they are familiar with what they need to do. Bring them to the venue so they are familiar with the place, and don’t get overwhelmed even if it’s packed with people. Arrange for a dog sitter or handler, preferably someone your dog is comfortable with. You will be pretty busy getting married, and your dog needs someone to help keep him calm, engaged, and out of trouble. The sitter can also take him somewhere quiet after his starring role and provide water, food, and potty breaks. Prepare a go-bag for your dog, with treats, a water bottle, toys, food, and anything else you think they’ll need. And for the best part ask your photographer to snap photos of your pooch with you. Something sweet to remember.

Before you start planning, check with the venue if they allow dogs. Also be prepared for the worst case scenario. Even well behaved dogs can get restless an uneasy with a lot of people and loud noises around. So be on your guard and be sure to have someone on hand to take care of your pooch. 

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