Top 4 cruelty free skincare products

Top 4 cruelty free skincare products

If you’ve come across some of our posts or products, then you already know that we stand against cruelty to animals. And no, it doesn’t just mean using vegan leather. When it comes to animal testing a lot of companies are now proudly avoiding it. So which are the top cruelty free skincare products and brands? We gathered the top 4 of them!


I would like to start off with my personal favorite. NAOBAY was born in Valencia, Spain. Entrepreneur brothers Javier and Christina founded the company with the aim to incorporate nature into everyday beauty products. The name of NAOBAY, stands for “Natural And Organic, Beauty And You”.  They intended to make it clear, that natural and organic, can be united with beauty and health. That’s why they are committed to a concept of environmentally-friendly certified organic cosmetics. Therefore they communicate their information transparently, clearly, with simple designs, pleasant packaging and effective products. Naobay is organic, vegan, environmentally friendly and free of animal testing.



Used by my mom, sister and pretty much the entire family this amazing brand is one of the most famous Hungarian all natural cosmetic lines. Founded by Molnar Danielne (Ilcsi neni) this brand dates back to 1958. Being a beauty technician, her inspiration came from her studies and her love of nature. She took advantage the fact that she spoke 4 languages fluently and travelled the world to further her skills. And that’s how this innovative brand was born.

Today Ilcsi stands for simplicity and high quality. It used by beauty professionals in Hungary. The brand stands for excluding parabens, vaseline, animal or synthetic origin ingredients. They don’ test on animals. All of their products are vegan and plant based. It is one of my favorite brands I can only recommend it.



Aveda is the legacy of Horst Rechelbacher. He was born in Austria in 1941 to an herbalist mother and a shoemaker father. He began working in the salon across the street at the age of 14. I was not a good student at all but I was very eager to be something different, he said. Horst was a natural talent, and by 17 he was working as a stylist at a prestigious salon in Rome. He was tending to international celebrities. By the young age of 20 he had won the European Hairstyling Championship. He later used this as a springboard to tour Europe and the United States.

He founded Aveda in 1978 with the mission of creating holistic beauty through wellness. In keeping with Ayurvedic principles Aveda is committed to using organic ingredients. Aveda has a wide array of products across haircare, beauty and makeup. They refuse animal testing. They are pioneering in post consumer recycled packaging. What’s more they mainly work with naturally derived ingredients. And their latest addition to the sustainability checklist is to be a wind-powered manufacturer.

The Body Shop

And last but mot least the best known of all the natural brands. The Body Shop stands for more than just ethical production. They made a commitment to saving the planet, paying fair wages and reducing their environmental footprint. Founded by Anita Roddick their aim is to become the world’s most ethical and sustainable business by 2020. With such a strong commitment to their core values I definitely think they are on the right track.

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