Choosing the right dog bed

Choosing the right dog bed

Choosing the right dog bed is not as obvious as it sounds. It acts as a ‘home’ for your pet, it calms and shelters them. That’s why it’s really important to pick one that resonates with them. Dog’s sleeping habits originates from their breeding, what they were used or kept for. So essentially it differs from breed to breed.

In order to be able to find the best fit, first observe your dog’s sleeping habit. Does he like to sleep under covers? Does he prefer a quiet corner. Would he usually lounge on top of the sofa? Does he use the furniture as a pillow to lift his head? All these factors determine the type of bed he will feel most comfortable in, so do a thorough inspection first!

Size matters

It goes without saying that picking the right size is crucial. However, it’s not as obvious as it sounds. The right size doesn’t mean the size your dog can squeeze in. It means it is a great fit even if our pup sleeps stretched out. Another important thing is to measure and weigh your dog before you start shopping. This way you will be able to get the right support. For instance a large dog would likely need a foam bed or a tight stuffed quilt bed to support its weight.

Consider the shape

Finding the right type of bed is crucial, as all breeds have different sleeping habits. Dachshunds and sighthounds love snuggle beds, because they get cold easy. Also Sausage dogs were bred for badger-baiting and rabbit holes feel somewhat familiar to them. Frenchies and English bulldogs love beds with a lifted side to support their rather heavy heads. That’s why it’s important to observe your pet’s sleeping habits before you invest in a bed for them.

Bolster beds – This type is usually cushioned on the bottom and raised on the side. It is perfect for pets who need a head support or that like to curl up. It is also great support for pups with anxiety.

Pillow or cushion beds – The most common type of bed, it is simply a mattress or a larger cushion without sides. It is ideal for pets that like to spread out. A very comfortable type and ideal for large dogs.

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Elevated dog beds – Perfect for those dogs that like to hang outdoors. They are sometimes called dog cots. They are raised, which keeps your dog away from the hot ground in the summer, and are often made from waterproof material to help them resist the elements. These are good beds for dogs who cannot stand the heat. Or pups who have difficulties regulating their body temperature. Also easy to clean.

Cave beds – Ideal for sausage dogs and sighthounds, or any pup really who gets chilly easy. This is my favorite type as it looks super cosy and provides pups with a real hideaway. It has a cushioned base and a throw attached on top giving it a real cave effect.

Orthopedic dog beds – Ideal for senior pups these beds give your pet the best support. Great for dogs with hip and spine problems.

Quality is key

It goes without saying that quality is important. And by that I mean, good quality padding, outer shell, frame, stitching and hardware. A lot of dogs like to suck and chew on their beds and blankets so sturdy material is important. Also you might want to opt for covers that you can strip off and wash, to make sure your dog will enjoy his bed for a long time. If you travel with your pet, then opt for waterproof fabrics and lightweight materials.

To sum up

  • Watch your dog sleep to be able to find the right type
  • Weigh your pet before you shop
  • Do your research on dog types and their sleeping habits
  • Look at the washing instructions
  • Adjust it to your pet’s age and size
  • Look for easy clean fabric or replacement covers
  • Consider where you’ll use it
  • Take your pet shopping with you

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