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Category: Dog behavior


Read on for our selected articles on dog behavior and dog training. Would you like to find out why your dog does a particular thing, or has a trait different form others? We have some of the most in depth and informative articles for you o choose from.

Being a pet parent can sometimes be overwhelming. Not to mention having to juggle caring for your pet with work and a busy social life. That’s why we’re here. We are hoping to make your life a little easier and a lot more sustainable by our curated articles. We cover topics form dog behavior, dog health and recipes.

happiest dog breeds

The top happiest dog breeds

Naturally all dogs are different. Different by their personality as well as their breed specific traits. So when looking for your furry best friend you should probably keep this in mind, rather than shop/adopt based on looks. Considering what’s best for your needs and personality

dog sleep

Why does my dog sleep all day?

I have been having, fostering and looking after dogs for longer than I can remember. But since I adopted Harvey I often wonder. Why does my dog sleep all day? The first pups in my life all had access to a garden, so their sleeping

dog barking

Understanding why dogs bark

Why dogs bark Barking is a type of vocal communication that dos use. And they can bark for several reasons. You should not expect your dog to cut it out completely, it’s in their nature. However, you can try and better understand the reasons behind

easiest dog breeds to train

Top easiest dog breeds to train

Whether you are searching for your new best friend, or an addition to the family you might consider one question. What are the easiest dog breeds to train? I know, you are busy at your job, your social life runs a strict schedule and you

bad dog behaviors

Bad dog behaviors you unknowingly encourage

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression before. There are no bad dogs, only bad owners. And true enough, when we first get our new puppy, or adopt a shelter dog we bring them in a new environment. As we teach them new rules like potty

best dog breeds for city life, high maintenance dog breeds

8 high maintenance dog breeds

If you are considering adding a new fur baby to your family, first stop and think. Each breed has its unique needs when it comes to grooming, exercise and activity, so it’s worth thinking it through before you make the big decision. In fact, you

4 ways dogs show affection

We love our pets and even though we cannot speak with them, we can communicate. If we are tuned in with our dogs, it is easy to pick up their signs of affection. But what are they? Some are as obvious as licking your hand.

dog's vision is failing

4 signs your dog’s vision is failing

Dogs won’t let us know when they start┬álosing their┬ávision. They let us know when they have lost enough vision to make big visual mistakes. The tricky thing is that dogs with a 20% vision can still fool us into thinking they can see. When that