Are you ready for a dog?

Are you ready for a dog?

A dog is a huge commitment. Period. Nothing to take light heartidly, so being prepared in the absolute first step in the process. Not finding the right breed, not looking at shelters, not shopping for the new arrival. A dog just like a baby will rely on you for food, shelter and comfort. What makes them different is that will rely on you for the rest of their life. In a sense they are children who never grow up. So being ready means being prepared for everything. Early morning walks, feeding every day, picking up after them, cleaning up the house after they decided to tear up their bed. And I haven’t even mentioned illness, old age and behavior problems. You see it’s a lot to consider. So, are you ready for a dog? Here are four of the essentials boxes to tick.

You are willing to make time

You know you are one step closer if you are committed to make time for your pet every single day. Especially if the new arrival is a puppy, or a shelter dog. You will face potty training, socialization with both dogs and humans and teaching them general house rules. This is an ongoing process, and will take up a lot of your time. So are you willing to give it the time and patience it takes?

You are financially prepared

We’ve established that it is a huge commitment time wise. It’s important to establish that it’s a huge commitment financially as well. A lot of financial responsibility comes along with a dog. And you cannot take them lightly. You need to provide food, a bed or a house, equipment, cover vet care and prepare for emergencies. A lot of companies provide good options for pet insurance that would cover you in case of an emergency. Nonetheless, it is important to calculate your estimated costs ahead. It might influence your choice of a pet.

Your people are on board

Not everyone is a pet person. And whether you are married, single, live with roommates or rent, everyone should get on board. Prepare everyone by making a plan about future responsibilities. Ask your landlords if they allow you to have a pet in the house. Discuss how you will share and adjust your time around feeding times and walking the dog. And let’s not forget the other pets in the house. Check in with your vet on how to safely introduce your new pup to the other pets.

You’ve done your research

Perhaps one of the most important factors. You need to determine your lifestyle and choose the pet accordingly, and not based on the latest trends. Different dog breeds suit different people, and you should give their personality more consideration, than their looks. You will find plenty of information available online, or consult your vet or an adoption center for more info. Alternatively, if you are planning to adopt, you will get all the necessary info from the shelter staff.

I hope to have managed to convince you not to make a decision is haste. If ticked all the boxes, and you are ready for a dog please, consider adoption as your first option. If you need more info on sustainable pet parenting, dog breeds and healthy recipes, browse our other articles here. Good luck and happy pawrenting!

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